An Indian summer anyone?

Not that it was the warmest, driest, hottest summer here in Cumbria but there is a beautiful fresh autumnal chill in the air that has reminded us that we need to fill the log store and prepare for those cosy nights in front of the wood burner that our guests enjoy so much. There is a reassuring crunch underfoot along the Dales Way which means its time to reinstate porridge (along with some delicious seasonal compotes) on the breakfast menu and include something a bit more substantial than a cucumber sandwich to our afternoon teas. Graham is busy making some exciting charcuterie plans and we are planning a very special Diwali dinner which must mean the summer is coming to an end. And we have raspberries. Autumn ones. But now that the Met Office is getting excited about a warmer than average September/October/November we won’t put the swings away just yet!

We look forward very much to welcoming all our guests who are coming to stay over the next few months.

Fiona and Graham

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