Festival of Food

We are so blessed with amazing produce here in Cumbria, and in Sedbergh itself we are lucky to have some very special people who do wonderful things with that produce. This year’s Festival of Food and Drink was a great showcase for some of them; for us it was a chance to open our doors and celebrate the cuisine of India with menus from the north (rich, comforting) and south (hot, sweet, fresh).


Who knew our beautiful local lamb – rich and tender – would marry so perfectly with a Rajasthani curry? Or that enjoying hot masala papads on a wet and balmy June evening in Cumbria would be so reminiscent of the Indian monsoon – the cool air so crisp and refreshing! You can read a little more about the evenings here with photos from Joanne Withers.

We are always happy to cater for large groups, and June has been busy with celebratory house parties where afternoon tea has often been served in the garden and dinner around our large communal tables. Please get in touch if you have a family reunion to arrange or a special occasion to celebrate, The Malabar is a great place to gather, relax and enjoy our unspoilt surroundings.


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