What a year!

Did we really know what to expect when we opened our doors last spring? It was a bit like throwing a big housewarming party – will anyone turn up, and if they do will they enjoy themselves? I was so nervous serving our very first breakfast that I dropped the whole thing upside down on the table. It took two of us hours to make a bed immaculately. Poaching perfect eggs seemed like an insurmountable challenge. But with a bit of practice, and focus, all these things come together. And we kept reminding ourselves that all we really wanted was to create a place that made our guests feel well looked after from the moment they arrived, and we have stuck to that. We have met so many interesting people from down the road/across the globe who have opened our eyes to the real thrill of hospitality – seeing the benefits of a day or two of rest and fresh air and letting someone else take care of you.


We’re looking forward to our second year as part of the Sedbergh Food and Drink Festival this month; lots of house parties over the summer; a yoga retreat in September and a wedding in October.

We really do look forward to welcoming you (back)!

Fiona and Graham


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